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Complete list of our products.

Fine Art- Original Paintings & Pencil Art

Menkaure's Journey

Jaguar at Rest

King of the Glades

King of Siberia

Frank's Finished

Mask of Tut'

Enzo Ferrari Tribute

Old Fisherman

Miami Heat Experience

Bahia Honda Sunrise

Isis of Egypt

Pittsburgh Steelers Driving Force

Darwin's Aquarium

Khafre the Builder

King of the Jungle

4 a.m. on Ocean

Everglades Afternoon

Matecumbe Morning

Big Fish

Everglades Fishing Club

El Faro de Cayo Hueso

Cuban Anole

Soul Rebel

Cuba Travel Poster

Dorado at Dawn

Setting Sail off Lauderdale

Trinidad de Cuba

Hemingway Days (Young Hemingway)

Arabian Stallion

Floral Still Life

Stormy Sunflowers

Spain Travel Poster

"Iguana Man" (Key West)

"Wine Country"

Marlin Miami



"12th Street Station"

Burrowing Owls

Key Deer

"Venetian Steps"

"8th and Ocean"

"Causeway Bridge"

"Palm Hats for Sale"

"Capt Tony's Saloon"

"Great Blue Heron"

"Fiery Sunset" (Key West)

"Weeki Wachee Whisper"

"Canale in Venezia"


"South Beach Siesta"

"Croton Leaves"

Roseate Spoonbill

Miami Jai-Alai

"Two Left Shoes"

"Bella Sunrise"

"The Artist and The Angel"


"Miami Mona Lisa"

"The Green Turtle"

"Paso Fino Blanco"

"Rangpur Tiger"

"Bobby Jones"

"Steam Engine"

"Magdalena and Nightlights"

"Las Vegas Ace"

"Metro Lightning"

"Iridescent Zebra Stripes"

"Sumatran Tiger Stripes"

"Water Tower Door"

"Live from Ocean Drive"


"Tebori Style"

"Danger Reef"

"Junkanoo Sisters"

"Novus Ordo Seclorum"

"Dive Bar"

"A Pirate Looks at Thirty"

"Alhambra Water Tower"

"Chinese Tiger Scroll"


"Son of Man-made"

Shelves ,Cabinets, & Cupboards

Utility Display Shelf with Heart and Pegs

Utility Shelf with scroll cut recessed heart and 2 pegs

Big Heart Shelf

Doll Bench Shelf

Double Heart Shelf

Apple Cabinet with 3 shaker pegs

Ladder Heart Shelf with 2 shaker pegs

2' Dry Sink with 3 drawers and cupboard

Corner Shelf

Little Peg Heart Rack with 3 shaker pegs

Mini Flat Heart Shelf with 2 shaker pegs

Mini Triple Heart Shelf

Poker Shelf

Towel Heart Shelf with dowel rod

Triple Heart Shelf with 2 shaker pegs

Jelly Cabinet / Medium Size

Plate Shelf with Drawer

Shire Chest

Primitive Candle Shelf

Spice Shelf

Double Plate Rack

Single Plate Rack

Spice Rack

Settlers Shelf

Display Shelf with Drawer

Early Pioneer's Shelf

Scoop Shelf

Country Cupboard

Knick Knack Shelf

Scalloped Plate Shelf

Apron/ Hat Shelf

Primitive Peg Rack

Rolling Pin Towel Shelf

Bathroom Tissue Holder with Shelf

Primitive Swing Shelf

Primitive Herb Cabinet

Bread Board Shelf

Butter Churn Paddle Shelf

Primitive Slat Cabinet

Organizer Box with Shelf

Mitten Cupboard

Antique Style Grain Bin

Heart Mirror Shelf and Wall Box

Simple Scalloped Shelf

Country Farmhouse Shelf

Colonial Simple Shelf

Primitive Star Mirror Shelf

Cookbook Shelf with Recipe Card Drawer

Farmhouse Kitchen Box Shelf

Country Wave Bucket Shelf

Primitive Candle Box Shelf

Gentlemen's Shaving Cabinet

Cosmetics Cabinet

Primitive Display Shelf

Small Pantry Cabinet

Big Ben Country Shelf

Wall Box Cabinet with Drawer

Primitive Medicine Cabinet

Primitive Foyer Shelf

Two Drawer Cubby

Replica 19th Century Shelf

Whale Tail Shelf

Robe Hook Shelf

Primitive Waterbury Shelf

Baton Rouge Shelf

Albany Shelf

Biloxi Shelf

Santa Fe Shelf

Cheyenne Kitchen Shelf

Montana Big Sky Shelf

Madison Shelf

St. Paul Shelf

Davie Shelf

Des Moines Shelf

Chicago Shelf

Aspen Shelf

Primitive Heart Shadowbox Shelf

Kansas City Shelf

Winchester Shelf

Charger Station Wall Cabinet

Charger Station Cabinet

Patio / Garden Shelf

Alexandria Shelf

Knoxville Shelf

Peg Rack Hanging Shelf

Rolling Pin Cupboard

Rolling Pin Cupboard with Drawer

Primitive Rolling Pin Shelf

Rustic Book Rack Shelf

Morgantown Primitive Bench Shelf

Gramma's Fixin's Jar Cubby

Primitive Star Candle Shelf

West Virginia Mountaineer Shelf

Dunkirk Corner Shelf

Annapolis Shelf

Gatlinburg Shelf

Islamorada Palm Tree Shelf

Pensacola Shelf

Primitive Moon Corner Shelf

Primitive Moon Wall Shelf

Appleton Shelf

Wooster Shelf

Shelbyville Peg Shelf

Window Shelf

Pelican cut-out shelf

Bathroom Organizer Cabinet with Palm Trees

Tables, Benches, & Stools

Country Bench

Country Farmhouse Bench

Country Cottage Bench

Country Bench

Country Side Table / with Ivy

Hall Table (Heart Collection)

Step Stool

Storage Stool

Timeout Bench

Country Coffee Table (trestle)

Primitive Garden Bench

Primitive Coffee Table

Boot Bench

Potters Chair

Foot Stool

Phone Table

Dairy Farm Milking Stool

Accent (Plant) Table

Cottage Stool

Country Kitchen Stool

Early Primitive Bench

Admirals Bench

Primitive Bootjack Kneeling Stool

Amish Prayer Bench

Phone Table with faux Drawer

Cobblers' Bench

Cubby Bench

Tombstone Bench

Primitive Portland Display Bench

Rustic Tombstone Bar Stool

Open Top Table Bench

Table Top Bench

Reproduction 19th century Pennsylvania Bench

Camelot Bench

Bridgeport Bench

Dover Bench

Beckley Bench

Midwest Farmhouse Stool

Norfolk Bench

Cambridge Heart Bench

Salem Bench

Roanoke Bench

Birmingham Bench

Allentown Bench

Mount Vernon Bench

Boise Bench

Richmond Heart Bench

Huntington Foot Stool

Covington Bench

Carson City Bench

Danville Bench

Key West Bench

Columbus Heart Bench

Galveston Bench

Hampton Hall Table

Williamsport Display Bench

Nantucket Display Bench

Billings Bench

Key Largo Table

Annapolis Bench

Other Wood Products

CD Storage Cabinet

Bathroom Organizer

Bathroom Organizer/ Vanity Topper

Pine Planter

Quilt Rack

Recipe Card Holders

Recipe Box

Country Basket

Paper Towel Holder w/ Drawer

Waste Basket

Pine Mug Trees

Paper Towel Holder

Old Fashion Candle Box

Old Fashion Match Box

Cat Napkin Holder

Dog Napkin Holder

Storage Box / Primitive Saltbox

Pine Plate Holder

Bear Peg Rack

Paper Plate Holder

Tall Primitive Candle Sconce

Little Bears Candle Sconce

Painted Bears Candle Sconce

Corner Candle Holder

Country Towel Rack

Country Wall Box

Early Pioneer Wall Box

Primitive Saltbox Utensil Holder

Bathroom Trash Basket

Primitive Soap / Candle Holder

Antique Style Candle Holder                                                                 

Country Bathroom Tissue Holder

Early Primitive Soap Box

Banana Tree

Country Paper Towel Holder

Shaker Wood / Kindling Box

Country 3 Towel Adjustable Rack

Rusty Heart Rack

Primitive Towel Bar

Early Pioneer's Towel Display Bar

Early Primitive Soap Box

Knife Box

Primitive Tree Shutter

Primitive Bear Shutter

Primitive Crow Shutter

Primitive Star Shutter

Organizer Box / Paper Towel Holder

Wine Bottle Rack

Country Thermostat Cover

Antique Style Utensil Tray

Country Mailbox

Recipe Card Box

Old Fashion Lollipop Wall Box

Antique Style Homestead Wall Box

Counter Caddy

Bowl Keep

Small Tote Box

1800's style Pipe Box

Two Tier Wall Box

Small Cubby with Drawer

Primitive Wall Box with Drawer

Williamsburg Candle Sconce

Fish Tail Wall Box

Replica 19th Century Gettysburg

Replica 19th Century Memphis Wall Box

Replica 19th Century Richmond Wall Box

Replica 19th Century Charleston Wall Box

Replica 19th Century Atlanta Wall Box

Replica 19th Century Valley Forge Wall Box

Replica 19th Century Philadelphia Wall Box

Replica 19th Century New England Wall Box

Replica 19th Century Jamestown Wall Box

Two Tier St. Augustine Wall Box

Primitive Savannah Wall Box

Primitive Key West Wall Box

San Francisco Wall Box

Country Pine Peg Shelf

Primitive Spoon Display Rack

Spoon Rack

Spoon Holder Wall Box

Primitive Barn Candle Holder

Reproduction Primitive Apple Box

Tabletop Gloucester Cubby

Reproduction Antique Primitive Pig Cutting Board

Home Office Mail Center

Replica Antique Tabletop Server

Keeper Drawers

Farmhouse Drawers

Keepsake Cubby

Primitive Pennsylvania Cubby Drawer

Primitive Pennsylvania Cabinet

New Wilmington Quilt Rack

Williamsburg Quilt Rack Shelf

Richmond Quilt Rack Shelf

Volant Quilt Rack

Pennsylvania Dutch Quilt Rack Shelf

Madison Quilt Rack Shelf

Pig Peg Rack

Sheep Peg Rack

Cow Paper Towel Holder

Primitive Crow Peg Rack

Primitive Crow Welcome Sign

Primitive Hay Rake Peg Rack

Primitive All Purpose Tote

Primitive Sheep Welcome Sign

Key Biscayne Towel Bar

Galleon Style Basket Tote

Chicken Coop Curio

Window Valance

Pelican Cut-out Bathroom Tank Topper

Crafts & Decor

Primitive Woodcrafts

Tulip Barrel Wall Decoration

Wooden Layered Animals

Harley Welcome Sign

Bless This House Sign

Amish Horse and Buggy

Guard Dogs Sliding Door Lock

Courageous Cats Sliding Door Lock

Pelican Wall Hanging

Coconut Pelican

Git-R-Done Sign

Barn Shadow Box

Life-size Miniature Pinscher Statuette


Jungle Macaw 10" Ceramic Plate

Clownfish 10" Ceramic Plate

Ferocious Florida Panther 8" Ceramic Plate

Small Hand-painted Ceramic Alligator

Chameleon Ceramic Frame Corner Decoration

Tropical Fish Shelf Decoration

Key Deer (Ceramic Statue)

Key West Lighthouse 12.5" Ceramic Plate

Cayo Hueso Conch Shell 12.5" Ceramic Plate

Hibiscus 12.5" Ceramic Plate

Heron 12.5" Ceramic Plate

White Hibiscus 10" Ceramic Plate

American Crow 10" Plate

Monk Parakeet 10" Plate

A Winter scene 12.5" Ceramic Plat

Large Ceramic Fish