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Handcrafted country style pine furniture

Shelves, Cabinets, and Cupboards     Tables, Benches, and Stools.     Other Wood Products.

We build our furniture with history and authenticity in mind.

 The first Europeans to arrive in America and try to settle a new land arrived with only the barest of essentials. Very few brought little if anything in the way of furniture. Maybe, a cedar chest, or jewelry box in the seventeenth century (1620-1690) or Early Baroque style. Usually made of oak. An abundance of useful timber in America made it senseless and unnecessary to attempt to bring bulky furniture on a risky and expensive expedition across the Atlantic. However, this made furniture building a hot commodity in the young Colonies. What would now be referred to as "early American" (1640-1700) style was the first furniture built in America. Most was simple in construction, and made from the felled trees available after clearing land for a settlement. Much of this furniture was extremely sturdy and functional, built to last, and had a darker finish.

Colonial furniture was the next style to gain popularity in the Colonies from (1700-1780). Primarily the period of time prior to American independence . This was a "hybrid" style furniture in that, it took many of the characteristics of the popular styles in Europe. Then adapted them to be more conservative, simplified, and understated. This craving for simplicity led to the Federal Style (1780-1820). It was defined by its uniquely simple designs. Straight line appearance, and built from lighter easier to work with materials more so than in any previous styles.

Around 1800, pine begins to become the lumber of choice in rural communities in both the United States and England. The first "country pine furniture" is born. In the next two decades this use of American pine lending way to the Shaker style furniture movement, beginning about (1820-1860). Shaker furniture was obviously a simple and conservative design with simple hinges, knobs, decoration, and finishes. It originated and is still produced today predominantly in the Shaker and Amish communities in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and across the Midwest.

Victorian furniture was a style popularized from (1840-1910). Victorian furniture named for Queen Victoria of England, generally had darker finishes, elaborate and ornate embellishments, and overstated designs. This era saw the early days of the industrial revolution and the changes in technology that created much more efficiency for with which a piece of furniture could be made. Therefore, making items less expensive and more available to a greater portion of the population by the turn of the century.
In the 1870's before the dominance of the Victorian style. There were two very specific styles worth mentioning. The simple furniture with clean, elegant lines being produced by the Shaker and Amish religious sects. And secondly, the large number of lightweight most often painted or otherwise decorated or stenciled factory chairs being produced by large companies ie. Hitchcock Company of Conn. who produced these chairs in large quantities.
This and other factors helped propel a sense of national pride and reversion back to nativism, and revivalism. A new popularity arose for "early American" style. This was the first "Colonial" revival and lead to the first documented collecting of antique furniture in America.

The furniture of the 20th century. This is something that almost all of us over thirty understand at least a little. Our parents' houses, our grandparents' houses, our children's houses. The furniture of the 20th century is defined by diversity. It's anything and everything. Many design furniture to be recognizably modern. For others it is designed ergonomically. Still more is designed just to be stylish, and who could forget those items designed just for the lazy that guarantees you will be comfortable. All good things! Yet many people have consistently preferred furniture that is traditional in terms of it's materials, manufacturing methods, and appearance.

With that in mind we build all of our furniture and decor at T. Marie's Galleries in our small family owned and operated studio/gallery. We specialize in original one of a kind paintings, country pine furniture, Shaker furniture, and early Colonial furniture styles and home decor. Everything available on our site is handmade in our workshop or studio we sell only handcrafted quality items made in America, and all of our furniture is made to order. For us it's all about quality and service we want our items to be unique and last generations, so we don't resell products assembled in factories overseas like many internet sites. What really sets us apart however is our unique style with a blend of traditional Shaker style furniture, and crafts, and Fine Art and decor with a South Florida, and Caribbean flair. Please feel free to e-mail us your questions or comments about our work, we check our mail often and respond quickly.


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