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Country Pine Furniture Shelves, Cabinets, & Cupboards

  We build all of our handcrafted pine shelves, cabinets, and, cupboards individually by hand. Each item of furniture is it's own piece of one-of-a-kind art. Hand cut, sanded, and finished by hand to be a unique part of and accent to your home. We create all of our furniture to standard sizes, but each piece of choice pine lumber has it's own characteristics and unique grain and pattern which causes each board to absorb stain and finishes in a uniquely wonderful fashion.

 Each piece is constructed with tradition, style, and longevity in mind. When we made our slogan "Building Tomorrow's Antiques Today" we truly believe that. We are crafting American styles of both modern and revival furniture crafted with the same skill, care, work ethic, and customer service in which we feel it was intended to be done. Our items are built to last. Fastened with all American made screws, plugs, and traditional Shaker style buttons. Western American pine is our lumber of choice. It's knots and slight variances in grain, and color make it a perfect material for use then and now in building old style American furniture by old style American craftsmen rather than modern furniture manufactured by robots with uniformity as the only concern. We believe in unique handcrafted pieces, with knots, variances in grain, and a true individual beauty in each piece.

 These attractive handcrafted pine shelves, cabinets, and cupboards will add a touch of "country", "colonial or "early American" style to any home and you'll have no problem finding a place to display all of your precious collectibles. If you see something you like but it won't fit.  Let us custom size it for you.  We are always adding new products so be sure to stop back often. Click on the pictures to enlarge them. (The display items shown on the furniture are not included)

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(Click images for description)

Knoxville Shelf    Rolling Pin Cupboard with Drawer    Primitive Rolling Pin Shelf   Davie Shelf

Knoxville Shelf                     Rolling Pin Cupboard w/ Drawer                 Primitive Rolling Pin Shelf                                    Davie Shelf

Peg Rack Hanging Shelf   Kansas City Shelf   Des Moines Shelf   Aspen Shelf   Small Pantry Cabinet

Peg Rack Hanging Shelf         Kansas City Shelf             Des Moines Shelf               Aspen Shelf                 Small Pantry Cabinet

Rolling Pin Cupboard    Patio and Garden Shelf    Primitive Heart Shadow Box Shelf    Charging Station Cabinet

Rolling Pin Cupboard               Patio / Garden Shelf               Primitive Heart Shadow Box Shelf              Charging Station Cabinet

St. Paul Shelf   Charging Station Wall Cabinet   Albany Shelf   Primitive Foyer Shelf

St. Paul Shelf                         Charging Station Wall Cabinet                             Albany Shelf                             Primitive Foyer Shelf

Primitive Medicine Cabinet   Alexandria Shelf   Chicago Shelf   Cheyenne Kitchen Shelf   Cosmetics Cabinet

Primitive Medicine Cabinet                  Alexandria Shelf                       Chicago Shelf                 Cheyenne Kitchen Shelf                Cosmetics Cabinet

Rustic Book Rack Shelf    Replica 19th Century Shelf   Waterbury Shelf    Whale Tail Shelf

Rustic Book Rack Shelf                     Replica 19th Century Shelf                     Primitive Waterbury Shelf                                  Whale Tail Shelf  

Primitive Herb Cabinet   Bread Board Shelf   Primitive Slat Cabinet   Primitive Star Mirror Shelf   Biloxi Shelf

Primitive Herb Cabinet                    Bread Board Shelf                 Primitive Slat Cabinet              Primitive Star Mirror Shelf                            Biloxi Shelf

Gentleman's Shaving Cabinet   Mitten Cupboard   Country Wave Bucket Shelf   Display Shelf with Two Drawers

Gentleman's Shaving Cabinet                             Mitten Cupboard                                    Country Wave Bucket Shelf                    Display Shelf with 2 Drawers

Country Farmhouse Shelf    Montana Big Sky Shelf    Big Ben Country Shelf    Colonial Simple Shelf

Country Farmhouse Shelf                    Montana Big Sky Shelf                   Big Ben Country Shelf                           Colonial Simple Shelf

Cookbook Shelf with Recipre Card Drawer   Baton Rouge Shelf   Farmhouse Kitchen Box Shelf   Wall Box Cabinet with Drawer

Cookbook Shelf with Recipe Card Drawer                 Baton Rouge Shelf                       Farmhouse Kitchen Box Shelf                 Wall Box Cabinet with Drawer    

Double Heart Shelf   Utility Shelf   Big Heart Shelf   Little Peg Heart Rack

Double Heart Shelf                                       Utility Shelf                                      Big Heart Shelf                                   Little Peg Heart Rack

Gambler's Poker Shelf   Triple Heart Shelf   Doll Bench / Shelf   Country Cube Shelf

Poker Shelf                                       Triple Heart Shelf                                      Doll Bench Shelf                                 Country Cube Shelf

Mini Triple Heart Shelf   Mini Flat One Peg Shelf   Mini Flat Two Peg Shelf   Towel Heart Shelf

Mini Triple Heart Shelf                            Mini Flat 1 Peg Shelf                               Mini Flat 2 Peg Shelf                                   Towel Heart Shelf 

Plate Shelf with Drawer   Shire Chest  Heart Mirror Shelf and Wall Box   Ladder Shelf   Butter Churn Paddle Shelf

Plate Shelf with Drawer                         Shire Chest                 Heart Mirror Shelf & Wall Box                          Ladder Shelf               Butter Churn Paddle Shelf

Spice Shelf   Peg Shelf   Two Foot Rustic Shelf   Robe Hook Shelf

Spice Shelf                                   Peg Shelf                                     2' Rustic Shelf                                  Robe Hook Shelf

Antique Style Grain Bin   Shutter Shelf   Country Pine Jelly Cabinet   Corner Shelf   Primitive Candle Shelf

Antique Style Grain Bin              Shutter Shelf                     Primitive Jelly Cabinet                       Corner Shelf                    Primitive Candle Shelf

Two Drawer Cubby   Primitive Shelf with Stars   Country Pine Furniture Dry Sink   Organizer Box with Shelf

Two Drawer Cubby                                        Primitive Shelf with Stars                                              2 foot Dry Sink                          Organizer Box with Shelf

Primitive Candle Box Shelf   Mini Towel Heart Shelf

Primitive Candle Box Shelf                       Mini Towel Heart Shelf

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 Color Chart

        Color Chart

Our Country Pine Furniture

All of our furniture is handcrafted from select knotty pine specifically chosen for its beauty.  We select wood and finish products with the intention of having the traditional look and feel.  Expect knots and variances in wood, finish, and color. Our beautiful furniture is built to last and to be used forever.  All of our products come completely assembled. 

We use only the finest quality products available for all of our custom finishes. Our products are finished using high accent stains and paint to display the beauty in the solid knotty pine.  Every product we make is unique in the knots and grain pattern of the wood it is built from so expect variances in color and finish.  Most of our products are available in the color of your choice from our color chart above.  Just select the color that you want when you go to the shopping cart.  All of our colors are shown on various products displayed on our site so in order to get a good representation of your color choice on pine please view our products in the various galleries.

Our furniture is designed and built by us specifically for you in our shop in the USA.  All of our products are always available, built to order, and most items can be ready to ship within 5 business days.

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Last modified: 11/24/13